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Is your organisation changing as fast as the world around you ?

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Knowledge Management

The Knowledge Library is our answer to the challenge of an exponential growth in knowledge, which, for most of us, results in an exponential growth in ignorance. The Forevue Knowledge Library has been created to collect, store and publish facts and well-informed opinions about change and the future. The information in the library is constantly being expanded and updated, building on contributions made by participants in the Future Leaders programme and other partners.

Change Management

Over the coming decades, an accelerating rate of change will test the resilience of every society, organisation and individual. Luckily, perturbations create opportunities as well as challenges. But the balance of promise and peril confronting any particular organisation will depend on its capacity for adaptation. Hence the important question is: Are we changing as fast as the world around us?

Source: Gary Hamel book: “The Future of Management”

Performance Management

Fundamentally communicating plans, encouraging development, and giving and receiving feedback., a performance management system is composed of process and people elements. The process element includes items such as job descriptions, rating criteria, the time period of performance appraisal discussions, and reward and recognition systems. The key component of the people element is the manager, who drives the system by setting expectations.

Source: Gallup Business Journal

Leadership & Management Development

There is a clear link between the quality of leadership and management, and the performance of a business. If UK PLC is to compete successfully with its global competitors and deliver the economic growth required to create a healthy and prosperous society, it needs to improve its supply of world-class leaders and managers. The is strong evidence to show that this can best be achieved by following the 70:20:10 rule : challenging assignments (70 percent), developmental relationships (20 percent) and coursework and training (10 percent).

Vocational Skills Development

The education and training landscape is changing. Factors such as rising university tuition fees, youth unemployment and skill shortages in certain sectors are causing organisations to look closely at their recruitment programmes to determine the most efficient and effective method of finding and employing staff.Apprenticeship programmes targeted at young people and school leavers have the potential to change an organisation for the better. Bringing on young talent gives an organisation the chance to develop an individual’s skills to fit the needs and ethos of the business. 

Learning System Development

In the old days, when knowledge workers were not tethered to the Internet, workers stored most of the knowledge they needed in their heads. Now they store it in their outboard brains – their hard drive, or, more likely, the cloud. Performance support is a vital piece of the collaborative infrastructure. Learning must be embedded in work. As a result, learning and work become indistinguishable.


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