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Organisation Development - Conditions of Employment

This section provides resources regarding organisation development and conditions of employment - flexible working, flexible careers, flexible retirement, occupational healthcare, pay and other benefits and pensions.

Pay, pensions and other benefits

To become an employer of choice, employers will need to provide other benefits and rewards in addition to salary and pensions.

A recent survey asked more that a thousand professionals what factor would make them regard their place of work as a “great employer”. Almost 40% cited “work-life balance” as the top reason, followed by 22% saying “a transparent career progression”.

Health and Wellbeing

In recent years employers have become more aware of their responsibility for occupational health, and the benefits to be gained by having a workforce which is healthy in mind and body. The most obvious and direct result of an effective health programme is a reduction in working days lost through absence due to sickness

Change in working practices can also lead to stress, and any change programme needs to include measures to reduce the risk of additional stress at work.

 Flexible Working

At present, the right to apply for flexible working is only available to a small proportion of the working population. However, flexible working practices are growing rapidly; this is partly as a result of employment legislation, but also because a growing number of employers recognise the economies and improvements in performance and productivity which can result from flexible working arrangements.

Flexible Careers

There is nothing new about the concept of flexible careers, although only a few employers have recognised the value of this policy for developing, motivating and retaining staff. With rising life expectancy, we should be prepared for a rise in average working life to 50 years or more.


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