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To build agility, creativity and flexibility into your operations, you need to move from a hierarchical, command-and-control organisation structure to a flat, networked model.

Jay Deragon posted the following blog on his website Smarter Companies on August 29, 2013:
“Power structures have been built around hierarchies for thousands of years as the means for the few wise men to the control the foolish uneducated crowds of people. Such foolish people needed leadership, order and control otherwise they would perish in their own folly. Like fools we simply perpetuated this thinking even when the masses became educated and economies matured.

Today we have organizational and power structures built around people and not the empowered many. The continuation of reliance on the few to lead and control hinders the progress for the many.
Gary Hamel, Author of "What Matters Now" writes: As traditional hierarchies get supplanted by networked, or “social,” organizations, leadership will become less a function of “where you sit,” than of “what you can do.” 

Authority won’t be something that’s handed down from above and it won’t be something that can be captured by a title. Rather, it will be a currency you earn from your peers. Leaders will be the ones who are capable of attracting followers, rather than the folks who have mastered the dark arts of political infighting and bureaucratic wrangling."
Thinking upside down enables true leaders to recognize their organization has many leaders including stakeholders that exist outside the walls of the organization.”


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