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To develop effective strategies, you need to have a clear vision of the future.

Dr Paul Kinsinger and Dr Karen Walch of the Thunderbird School of Global Management write:
It’s not hard to see why leaders everywhere are feeling more keenly than ever the effects of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in nearly every challenge they face and every major decision they must make. Thus the search is on for new leadership anchors to grab onto. So far, those anchors have turned out to be captured in the “antidotes” to VUCA – what’s being called “VUCA prime”. In this leadership paradigm, volatility is mitigated by “vision”, a clear cut master statement of where an organization is headed. When confronted by volatility, leaders need to communicate clearly and make sure their intent is understood.

Uncertainty yields to “understanding,” the deliberate ability to “stop, look, and listen.” In uncertain situations, leaders need to make sure they get fresh perspectives and remain flexible with regard to solutions. Complexity is checkmated by “clarity,” the deliberate effort to make “sense of the chaos.” In complex situations, leaders need to make sure to collaborate with others and stop seeking permanent solutions. To paraphrase an old adage, don’t let “perfect” become the enemy of “good enough.” And ambiguity is matched by “agility,” the ability of a leader to communicate across people and organizations instantly and to move quickly in applying solutions. When confronted by ambiguity, leaders need to listen well, think divergently, and set up incremental dividends. This is captured in the concept of “wirearchy,” as opposed to “hierarchy” — where social networks that allow you to engage the insights of many trump the brilliance of any one person.


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